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Current & Past Consulting Clients & Design Project Type

  • Guzman Hicks Architecture - Commercial & Liturgical 

  • ZIELARCH - Commercial, Liturgical, & Residential

  • The Ward Group, Pensacola - Luxury Downtown Townhome Renders

  • Florida Set Works - Video Broadcast Set Design

  • City of Gulf Breeze, Florida - Civil & Landscape Design

  • McKim Creed - Civil & Landscape Design

  • KG Development Services LLC - Civil Design 

  • Sam Marshall Architects - Institutional, Commercial, Educational

  • Olinger Architects - Single & Multi Family, Mixed Use, Commercial 

  • M.O.G.G.A- Graphic Design, Product Development

  • Sleeves For Trees - Graphic Design, Product Development

  • Yin & Yang Retreat - Residential Design, Construction Administration

  • Element Design Solutions, LLC - Residential

  • Eastside Services, LLC. - Residential 


  • Impressed with the preliminary images as they wrap up the Butler University Lacy School of Business project.  I enjoyed working with and the mentorship of project architects Victor Ortale and Arjun Mande at Goody Clancy in Boston.  My role involved coordinating some of the key Atrium design elements through Design Development such as the wood panel grand stairs cladding, the modern sleek glass railing, terrazzo flooring design, textured rulon wood grille paneling that is very prominent design element through out the atrium, most of the immediate lighting, and atrium soffit edge conditions.  When I started at Goody Clancy, this was my first project and I was handed a beautiful penciled sketch by Arjun and was tasked with collaborating with the design team to figure out how the final design would pan out in reality.  I enjoyed the specification and product research and coordinating with various engineers regarding lighting, mechanical systems, and structural through RCP's, lot of section details, and especially 3D panorama reviews.  

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